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TRIADEM: Repeater
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Pattern Repeats & All-Overs
Create seamless pattern repeats in many variations.

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Repeater: Plugin to create seamless pattern tiles.

Repeater allows you to create different pattern repeats of a design. The design can be shifted horizontally, vertically or as an all-over with or without rotations. The shift of pattern with horizontal or vertical offset can be determined manually or selected from default offset values ( ½, ¼, ¾… ).

To create an all-over, you set the repeat width, the plug-in then scatters the selected design randomly. Optionally, you can scale. rotate or mirror every design in the repeat individually.

Every repeat is created in a new layer in Photoshop, which allows you to build complex prints on several different layers.

MacOSX and Windows
Repeater Demo: see Repeater Plugin in action:

Play Weaver Movie

How to create a repeat

Play Weaver Movie

How to play with random rotation


Simple pattern repeat function

Using Repeater Plugin you are able to create pattern tiles in many variations.

Repeater lets you work in simple tiling mode. You can also add a dropdown ( ½, ¼, ¾…) in horizontal or vertical direction. The number of tiles you want to repeat can also be defined.

The plugin allows for acting in the preview to select motives for scaling and rotating.

Repeater lets you control the space between motives and allows also to define a desired repeat size.


All-over repeat

To create an All-Over you can set a repeat size and Repeater scatters the motives all over the artboard. Every sequence in the repetition can be filled with motives or can leave blank.

There is also a function to play with this frequency to fill only 2nd, 3rd... etc. sequences. This is a popular method to generate good-looking all-over repeats.

Motives that overlap an edge will appear at the opposite edge to make sure for seamless tiles.

Edit sequences

Repeater plugin allows for working at every single motive in the repeat so that you can affect on scaling and orientation.

You can act in the preview by dragging a motiv to scale and rotate them. In the menu bar on right-hand side you will find additional tools for flipping and standard rotations (90° steps).

When moving the midpoint of a sequence you will shift the repeat to produce a dropdown. The offset can be horizontally or vertically or in both directions. There are also tools for defining exact dropdowns in the toolbar.

Repeats with random rotation

Repeater comes also with a random rotation function. This is helpful to get inspired by the plugin itself.
After setting the values for the randomness you can click as long as needed the random rotation button to show new repeats.

Using the tool palette you can set parameters for scaling, rotation and frequency.

Combining methods: it is also helpful to combine both methods to get good-looking repeats: you may start from a simple half drop and add different orientations by using the random rotation button.

What Repeater can do

Repeater provides all possibilities to manipulate the motiv:
TRIADEM Repeater
Apply repeat to Photoshop file

When confirming the Repeater window, the plugin will draw the repeat as shown in preview to the active layer of your Photoshop document.

The plugin is resizing your document to the requested repeat size in the dialog. Note, that motives that overlap an edge will appear on the opposite edge to make sure for seamless tiles!

When drawing repeat is done, your document has exactly the size of this one seamless repeat. So you can save this file for textile printing machines.

All repeats that are created with Repeater plugin can be used for work with Photoshop's pattern fill layers and paint jug (turn pattern mode on).

All other Photoshop layers remains intact. Means, you may repeat motivs from ervery single layer of your Photoshop document to create very complex repeats.

Automatic repeat check

With Repeater Plugin comes also Wrapper
This is a module to wrap edges of the document into the inside to show borders beside.

Sometimes you work on designs that are filled all over the document, such as scans or photos.

The Wrapper is useful to edit this boundaries to get a seamless tile. It will wrap your document in horizontally and vertically direction so you can edit all edges to match in the repeat.

Wrapper module wraps in a way that devides your document exactly into four halfes of same size. So it easy to use when wrapping forward and backward since you will not loose your initial orientation.

Wrapper keeps also your layers intact. So you can wrap every single layer of your Photoshop document.


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